Saturday, February 21, 2009

Challenge week # 3

This weeks post is part of a book I've started to celebrate the 5oth Anniversary of our friends Casey and Carol. Dyngus Day is my deadline. (Dyngus Day is Easter Monday,celebrated whole heartedly in Buffalo New York). Since I know Andy will be going he can deliver the completed Album. I guess I'll be busy.

I'm not too happy with the little brads in the center of the flowers, will have to think about that. And I have gluing issues with the stems. I've left a lot of the blue area blank in case another photo of this mother/daughter team shows up, and I think for a great deal of journalling.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I know why?

I know now why I'm loyal to Creative Memories. I decided to warm up this challenge by making a little album for Janice's young niece. Pictures we had taken on our last adventure as tourists. I had purchased a little album (not Creative Memories) to have some fun with stamping and inking around these photos. What a pain. Every page was a different size, it was a cascading book. TIME. I'm not good at kit things, I need to make them my own. So a kit stifles me, and frustrates me. I did a course in alchohol ink and that was a great class, somehow, my piece looked like crap. Then I stamped on the front cover, (if you have worked with alchohol inks you know they are messy, messed up my front cover. So I had to cover the front, and print my stamped sentiment on a piece of vellum, used my CM cutting system and paisley punch to complete, it. I was starting to feel happier. Then came the inside pages. Cut each decorative paper separately and mount photo. I do love doing the captions, or journaling on vellum, But I have to really plan each page to do that and just do one print.

So this completed the most time consuming little book. If I had used a 8 X 8 CM. Book I could have spread my wings a little more and left room in the book for more adventure shots. However, I love alcoholic inks so maybe another project. I really like alcoholic inks on transparency, but perhaps in another project.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here I go again...

A great many years ago my dear friend Leslie invited me to a join the Thursday painting group at her home. I was so flattered that I moved the schools pizza days to another day just so I could go. One Thursday Leslie had invited a really swell lady to the studio and we were introduced to Creative Memories a company that promotes care of your photos. While the scrapbooking industry has grown, and moved in different ways, I remain loyal to Creative Memories, I've learned a lot about scrapbooking and stamping and altering in the process, and thereby developed my own style. I do however, never have enough time. So in an effort to "make time" My sister Barbara (a creative memories consultant) and I are embarking on a challenge. The Challenge, it will seem trivial but it is to get us back to "doing", is to do one double spread each week and post our page. The consequences of not doing so, is a toonie in a bank, proceeds to be donated, the one with the most money gives the tax receipt to the other. So the first week of February our challenge begins. So ready set go...