Saturday, February 21, 2009

Challenge week # 3

This weeks post is part of a book I've started to celebrate the 5oth Anniversary of our friends Casey and Carol. Dyngus Day is my deadline. (Dyngus Day is Easter Monday,celebrated whole heartedly in Buffalo New York). Since I know Andy will be going he can deliver the completed Album. I guess I'll be busy.

I'm not too happy with the little brads in the center of the flowers, will have to think about that. And I have gluing issues with the stems. I've left a lot of the blue area blank in case another photo of this mother/daughter team shows up, and I think for a great deal of journalling.


Jeanne said...

What a great way to get yourself creating, with a challenge. My BF and I have a 'crop' together via webcam(she's in Florida, I'm in Massachusetts) most Sundays. We manage to get quite a bit done between chatting.

Cindra said...

Your work is so much fun. I hope you participate in the challenge tomorrow. Just scan one of your finished pages in!!