Monday, April 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday, No more...

Mellow Yellow Monday, is hosted by Drowsy Monkey, check out the other participants.

It was a sunny, warm day, I had a reminder call from my mother-in-law to prune my roses. She doesn't know that whilst installing our new Air Conditioner in January, in the mist of a snow storm, most of my roses were demolished by my husband and the installers. So, I pruned what they didn't kill, and noticed my Daffodils were no more...they're being moved, for an all new adventure next spring.

I have to add a postscript to this post. I've been married to this man for 31 years, and every spring he does things to my garden and the plant is no more. I don't think it's intentional, anyway, I've now blockaded various areas of the yard. Next it will be crime scene tape. I should also like to tell you that is might be a joke of mother nature, or maybe God was just having an off day. My mother-in-law, the biological mother of my husband can grow anything, anywhere. She cuts off a little snippet of something, anything sticks it in the ground, never buys expensive fertilizers, none of that modern horticultural stuff and it's a jungle out there. So how does one have a son that pulls a beautiful poppy thinking it's a dandelion? God is such a trickster. In the background of my daffodils you can see my already done blooms of crocus' , the bunny had a feast.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday,

A long while ago, when my boys were in elementary school, one of the authors that did a visit suggested we start our weeks with "the best thing about ... is and the worst thing So with that in mind, the best thing about Monday is yellow. A splash of yellow does make things happy, so thank you to Drowsy Monkey for hosting this Mellow Yellow Monday meme.

I posting this lovely little book, remember the "little golden books". This is a definite up-cycle of a book that was once loved and then discarded. A little creation I purchased from ONE OF A KIND. at Margi Laurin...maker of stuff booth.

On the inside not only do you get the story of our little Cookie Monster, but blank pages for notes and stuff. I originally bought this book to use as a cookie recipe booklet, but have just thought wouldn't this make a great little journal for a new mom with a baby. The story of the book could act as a journal prompt. How cool would that be.

O.K. now that I've justified journal books, I can jump to my real reason for rationalizing altered type books. I'm off to Art and Soul in Virginia, and the class I'm trying to convince myself I need to take is still open. I've just decided I'm in.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday #6

Happy Postcard Friendship Friday #6. Beth at The Best Hearts Are Crunchy is hosting this meme once again today, check out her beautiful collection if you have a moment.

Today my tribute in postcards is to the sister of mine (and her hubby) who follows the sun. They recently rested in ARUBA.

The back of the post cards have a beautiful stamp.

This one is also lovely, and check out the recipe on the reverse. What were they indulging in? Those Retiree's you know!

Friday, April 2, 2010

If I were...

Today while just checking around I stumbled upon this at Lisa's blog, who got it from Tara's blog who got it someplace else, so I thought I'd try it.

If I were a month, I'd be June...
If I were a day, I’d be Sunday...

If I were a time of day, I’d be 3 p.m...
If I were a font, I’d be Book Antiqua....

If I were a sea animal, I’d be a sea horse....
If I were a direction, I’d be south...

If I were a piece of furniture, I'd be a wicker chaise lounge with puffy cushions...

If I were a liquid, I'd be a cool drink of Perrier...

If I were a gemstone, I'd be an amber...

If I were a tree, I'd be a magnolia...

If I were a tool, I'd be a jig saw...

If I were a flower, I'd be a frescia

If I were an element of weather, I'd be cool breeze on a hot summer day...

If I were a musical instrument, I'd be a harp!

If I were a colour, I'd be RED

If I were an emotion, I'd be LOVE.

If I were a fruit, I'd be a strawberry

If I were a sound, I'd be a whisper.

If I were an element, I'd be gold.

If I were a car, I'd be a Morgan...

If I were a food, I'd be a cream puff!

If I were a place, I'd be a Gazebo in Monet's garden...

If I were a material, I'd be a silk chemise...

If I were a taste, I'd be toffee :)

If I were a scent, I'd be dill.

If I were a body part, I'd be the heart.

If I were a song, I'd be ">Here.

If I were a bird, I'd be a canary.

If I were a gift, I'd be at a Faberge egg...

If I were a city, I'd be Krakow (the old part) :)

If I were a door, I'd be one with a handle like this.

If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be the Ruby Slippers

If I were a poem, I'd be...

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

-- Joyce Kilmer


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