Monday, April 12, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday,

A long while ago, when my boys were in elementary school, one of the authors that did a visit suggested we start our weeks with "the best thing about ... is and the worst thing So with that in mind, the best thing about Monday is yellow. A splash of yellow does make things happy, so thank you to Drowsy Monkey for hosting this Mellow Yellow Monday meme.

I posting this lovely little book, remember the "little golden books". This is a definite up-cycle of a book that was once loved and then discarded. A little creation I purchased from ONE OF A KIND. at Margi Laurin...maker of stuff booth.

On the inside not only do you get the story of our little Cookie Monster, but blank pages for notes and stuff. I originally bought this book to use as a cookie recipe booklet, but have just thought wouldn't this make a great little journal for a new mom with a baby. The story of the book could act as a journal prompt. How cool would that be.

O.K. now that I've justified journal books, I can jump to my real reason for rationalizing altered type books. I'm off to Art and Soul in Virginia, and the class I'm trying to convince myself I need to take is still open. I've just decided I'm in.

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martha brown said...

What are you taking at Art And Soul? I wish that I was going! -- I'd be taking a class from Traci Bunkers, for sure -- my other wishes would be Stephanie Lee, Susan Lenart Kazmer (I just lover her)and Misty Mawn..... Have fun!