Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brenda's Photo Challenge, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

This week TheBrenda's Photo Challenge is hosted by Karen M. Thank You Karen. I don't have any difficulty in seeing the beauty around me, often things that I find beautiful no one else does, hence "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

I must admit I'm a basket junkie. When we were first married I went out and bought baskets, my husband had a fit, he said he wasn't working to pay for baskets, well he got over it. As a matter of fact when my beloved niece didn't have a bread basket, I just couldn't believe it, she's been married for 5years. I'll be fixing that.
I also need to draw your attention to the navy blue table cover, that's a tree skirt, a Christmas Tree skirt, it's a huge painting project that I've set my time for as Christmas in July, I love the blue of it I believe its a Catherine Holman Design I'm doing on it, Love Catherine Holman designs.

There are many other things I love to look at, and sometimes buy, when the price is right. I bought this little teacup when I was 12, yes 12, it cost 10cents at Pan Daca's store. I had used my snack money or bus money after polish school. I don't have the saucer for it, but I keep looking and look what I find in the process.
I always figure if I find a saucer for this teacup, I'll have to look for a cake plate to match, because no one has tea without a piece of delicious cake.

This is a figurine I picked up in Poland, about 30 years ago, again a real steal, the lace on the dress is damaged, but at the time I was designing dresses so your petticoat would show and thought that was quite cool.

Just a couple of finds whilst looking for a saucer.

I wasn't looking for the saucer on this adventure, I had gone in to a local florist to get flowers for a friend who's husband had passed away and the florist had a box of dishes on the floor label free to good home. When I checked it out on E Bay it's probably 100 years old and worth somewhere in the $185.00 range. Now that's if I've entered all the info correctly. Antiques Road Show here I come. (along with my $5,000 penny, but that's another blog.)

And then there are the beauties that are closer to my heart. My yard is a mess, as is my house, with all these car parts. My brother in law has nervous twitches every time he sees this. But, if you're a mom, and you've experienced your child moving away, you'll understand why I keep these around. It must mean he'll at least come back for his car.


Donna said...

Love your shots sweetie!! I love the iron chairs too! Don't worry about the yard...We All have a hard time of getting everything done!!LOl....Thanks for playing with us Girl!! Well done! 5000 Penny?? Wow!!hughugs

Donna said...

I'd make all those car parts as yard art! Thanks for showing us your pretty dishes too!

Butterfly Gardener said...

Its the small things that make life beautiful. So many memories in your beauties.
P.S. I'm a basket junkie too!!!

Jeanne said...

There's a place up in Vermont I used to frequent in my basket phase..Basketville. It was a dream! It's still there but sadly minimized and not so much or such good deals as I used to get.

Just Joni said...

Ha ha...I have an entire car (project) sitting in my garage waiting for a certain grad student to come home on the weekends to work on it....and still I wait. I love your iron chairs and I think all women have a thing for baskets of some sort, they are so practical!

Karen M said...

Such beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us all. Lovely, lovely dishes.

Lynn said...

Love the photos and the memories behind each one. The most endearing is the tea cup you bought for 10 cents and are still looking for its saucer. That is a neat project and one you still have not given up hope.

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the photos and memories :) Thanks for the congrats!!!

Sandy xox

Olga said...

Oh, those garden chair are just sooo lovely!

Brenda said...

Your shots are great and I'm sorry to be so late. How did I miss your pictures in that challenge? Your garden is lovely and the car parts make it yours. I love the tea cup story.