Monday, June 22, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday's How to...

When I first participated in the "Mellow Yellow Monday" I thought I'll never find enough yellow to do this for long. Well to my surprise, life is better with a splash of yellow in it. We began this project with an Ikea mirror, which had been primed with a flat paint, the mirror is taped off. And then you chose tiles and glass and cut and glue. You must then let this all set for at least 24 hrs. and then grout.

I was immediately drawn to the blues and yellows of the tiles, and so this is the result of my creation.

This was our learning piece, now we'll be watching for things to mosaic, our next project is a bird bath. I could kick myself, my mother's home had a porcelain pigeon which I either threw away or gave away, and now wouldn't he look great in my bird bath.

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irenka said...

This is the best I can do with photos, I need a few more photo challenges to make the grade.