Saturday, August 1, 2009

3 4 5 Reading challenge

Chick Loves Lit is hosting this new challenge, I found it on Reading at the Beach, (wish I was). Anyway it may push me to read books piled high in my room.
Rules of this challenge:
It will run from August 1, 2009 to August 1, 2010
You may sign up at any point in this time period
To complete the challenge, you must read:
THREE books from one series
FOUR books from another series
FIVE books from another series.
Only books that you read between 8/1/09 & 8/1/10 count
The books you read may count for other challenges

O.k. Here are mine.

The Josephine B. Trilogy, Sandra Gullard

The Sweet Magnolias, Sherryl Woods
Stealing Home,
A Slice of Heaven
Feels like Family
Welcome to Serenity

The Boleyn Inheritance, Phillipa Gregory
Constant Princess
Virgins Lover
Queens fool
Other Boleyn girl.

Happy Reading.

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Sandi said...

Oh wow...that sounds interesting. Good thing it is spread out over a whole year because I would be lucky to get it done even then. I really do want to start reading more. I have piles of books to where are my glasses...